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Concrete Creations, LLC based in Fayetteville, AR is committed to providing a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditionally available countertop and bathroom vanity surfaces.  Concrete countertops for kitchens and bathrooms are our specialty.  We pride ourselves on being innovators in the area of construction and home improvement. View our kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, concrete color selection and outdoor furniture portfolio here. We offer practical, expressive, aesthetically pleasing alternatives to traditional home and office features. Our concrete creations are unlimited in design and function. We can change the look of concrete by grinding, polishing, coloring, staining, or embedding it with artifacts. Unlike natural stone, such as marble and granite, concrete can be sculpted and molded to fit every style and design seamlessly. Our concrete countertops and tables are scratch and stain resistant, long-lasting, and needs virtually no upkeep. Concrete provides something unique for your home. It is practical, expressive and possesses a natural aesthetic. Experience the artistic beauty, the warm elegance, and the soft satin touch of concrete countertops. “Concrete is an ideal medium to express relationships between art and craft, between architecture and contracting.  There is something powerful – something emotional – about projects that evolve from actual hands-on experience with the material, coupled with an understanding of the pattern language of design principles.”  –Fu-Tung Cheng, author of Concrete Countertops Contact Concrete Creations for a free consultation and estimate today.  Call (479)-445-8023 or use the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment. We service all of Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding areas including Fort Smith and the River Valley districts.


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