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Our Process

Services Provided

We can provide a design and/or fabrication of a pre-cast concrete product as specified in an architectural blueprint, a designer’s rendering, or shop drawings produced by Concrete Creations.

We can do custom colors and unique designs; if you have a creative idea to make your project one-of-a-kind, we will create it for you. Let us help you find the perfect, original design to customize your home or place of business.

Quality Assurance

Lucas Van Der Merwe, Founder and Owner of Concrete Creations, has been in the business of pre-cast concrete design and fabrication for nearly ten years. Lucas and his team of artists, designers, and crafts persons work to produce creations of everlasting beauty and quality. By employing high standards of workmanship, Concrete Creations has become one of the preeminent fabricators within the concrete industry.


Shop drawings produced by Concrete Creations must be approved by either the purchasing owner, an agent acting on behalf of the purchaser, or the project architect/designer.

Concrete color samples will be submitted for approval. Though every attempt is made during mixing to limit extreme variations, concrete is made from natural minerals and is therefore subject to differences in color. Ultimately, it is concrete’s natural deviations that give it its beauty and gives each project unique characteristics. This variety is what elevates our product above an artificial or manufactured look.

Product Specifications

All products are custom-made using the appropriate concrete products required to ensure the highest degree of strength and reliability.


Every attempt is made to mix and match the concrete to the approved color sample. Custom colors are available. Concrete additives and substances may be used to add strength and speed the curing time. Click to view our color gallery.

Sealer and Finishes:

All our products are sealed using only the best sealers available today. Our topical sealer has the paramount chemical and abrasion resistance of any topical coating system and has dominated the countertop market for the past 15 years. Our sealer is water-based (making it food safe), has unmatched stain resistance (including: coffee, wine, soda, vinegar, citrus, Tabasco, acetone, gasoline, Clorox, oil, and more), unbeaten abrasion resistance, 400 degree heat resistance (will even resist a lit cigarette), and is available in gloss and satin (XLG) finish. The sealers that we use are found internationally and used by homeowners around the world. Certain types of finishes may also be applied to enhance the appearance of the concrete’s color and surface.


All fabrication is done off-site. Our products are reinforced with rebar and/or strengthening fibers and agents. All products are hand-made from natural materials (some variations in color can occur). All products are fabricated to meet the highest industry standards. All products are only made with the best materials.


We deliver and install our products with the exception of fire features which are installed by a licensed gas installer or plumber.


At its sole discretion, Concrete Creations shall repair or replace any product that fails as a result of a manufacturing defect within the first year of ownership.

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